Intern / Wizard

I'm working really intensively, and there's a lot new projects and goals in front of me I'll need help with. I'm looking for kind of a right hand - a wizard, more of a studio manager than a photo assistant, with strong organization skills.

I guarantee hands-on experience, so it's important for me to be sure, that you are the right person. I'm going to keep myself busy and I hope that you are looking for the same. I would like to keep you involved in whole spectrum of my strategic projects, commissioned and commercial works, but also special and art projects.


A must

good taste / focused on photography / fashion / visual art
available, flexible, organized, on time
good runner, especially if something urgent happens
hungry for new things / passionate / just nice


Extra points

basics of photoshop are essential
knowing what a screwdriver and gaffer tape are
organizing skills / driving license
dog lover


To do

If you are interested, just send me an email. Please include a couple of images or things that inspire you, show me your favorite artist, painting, movie, song... Include your instagram or portfolio, If you have one. I'm curious!



I'm happy to share my experience with someone who's looking for it and I'm sure you will learn a lot! If we'll discover our compatibility, you may become a part of a very active, creative team. Feel free to ask anything!